It’s time to get out the old shop light and convert the closet into the grow room.  Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need:

  • hanging florescent shop light that can be moved to adjust height
  • full spectrum florescent bulbs (or you can get specific plant lights, they’re just more spendy)
  • table you don’t mind getting dirty
  • seedlings sprouted (hopefully you were able to start them with warmth from below, a heating pad or radiator, and sun from above, a window sill)
  • automatic light timer
  • ruler
  • tape
  • aluminum foil
  • water

As the first two leaves (cotyledons) emerge, you know it’s time to move them.  At this point, they need a lot of light and evenly moist bed to grow.

I hang aluminum foil on my walls to allow the light to be reflected back to the seedlings.  As the plants grow taller, I add more.

Hang your light so that it is between 6-12 inches away from the top of the plants.

Set the light timer, allowing the lights to be on for 12-16 hours a day.  Keep an eye on the soil.  I use a spray bottle to mist the soil as to not disturb the sprouts with the force of water that can come from a watering can.  As they mature, I’ll offer up more advice.  As for now, enjoy the emergence of new life growing in your closet!

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