Heirloom Seeds on the Rise

Over 50 years in the making, that’s an heirloom.  With open pollination (by wind and winged friend), these plants are allowed to breed naturally and return year after year as gardeners and farmers select from the most hardy and disease resistant of the crew.   For years, our seed companies have fixated on the large mega-farm, and seeds have been genetically modified for the best crop for what the consumer wants.  As the focus of vegetables comes back to the local farmer and the discreet backyard gardener,  heirlooms with their variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and tastes are winning the way.  Take a look at this NY Times article, it’s great that seeds are getting the public notice they deserve.

Heirloom seed sites for a plethora of helpful information:

Remember you are what you eat!

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  1. Squirrels dug up and ate most of my heirloom bulbs. Apparently they appreciate a fine vintage. Jerks!

  2. Karen, I’m so sorry!!! They love tulips, but daffodils are poisonous to the little rascals. Try planting them next fall.

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