It’s time!  Get your pruning shears and let go!

  • shrubs-  *NOTE- only prune summer flowering trees and shrubs now, wait to prune spring blooming ones til after they’ve flowered* use hand tools and start with stray limbs, diagonals, and anything that looks like it lost to freeze.
  • roses- cut back blackened canes to one inch below the discoloring.  Keep green young canes
  • flowering perennials- cut to 4-5 inches above the soil
  • hostas and day lilies- divide so that there are three stems in each division
  • ornamental grasses- cut to 2-3 inches above the soil
  • compost any fallen leaves and old annuals *NOTE- if there was any disease on these annuals, please discard them rather than compost them*
  • beds-add weed, compost, and mulch.  Getting weeds now will only help in the battle.
  • lawn- prep by aerating and weeding

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