A Look at John’s Garden

Shade path with hosta, impatiens, daylily,  Boxwood, and ferns.

Sometimes you get to work on a garden for several years, watching the development of specific areas, and getting a feeling of how the space works in a slower more meditative way.  I have the privilege to do this with several gardens.  One of which I’d like to share with you is John’s garden.  This space started off as a mulched lot with not much more than a lilac, Japanese maple, willow, some evergreens, and a spray of shade natives.

Some things were great and kept, like trillium and spiderwort.  Others just needed to be pulled.  I feel like after 3 seasons of work, we are nearing the end, and finally getting to see the space become it’s own.  As John put it, the design is ” composed…like a painting.”  Nature has a way of lending itself to inspiration.  I hope you enjoy the photos and remember that often the best gardens are ones that are not complete in one fell swoop.  Take some time. 

Main path with salvia, beebalm, coreopsis, coneflower, and yarrow
close look at the salvia with blazing star liatris, coreopsis, grasses, SHasta daisy,and beebalm.

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