Sunshine Community Garden, Austin, TX

pricklypearWhile in Austin, TX, this past week, I stumbled upon the largest community garden I’ve seen in an urban locale.  WOW, Texas size.  Sunshine Community Gardens  is located between Lamar and Burnet just south of 49th St.  As I walked through, I was amazed to see artichoke in bloom.  This is one vegetable that I’ve tried and failed at in Chicago.  The season is just not long enough.

sunshine2Poppies, sunflowers, prickly pear, echincaea, and zinnia were just loving the heat.  Like Illinois, Texas does have a season that is just too harsh, it’s mid-summer.  Everything was at it’s peak during my visit.


One thing that just gets me whenever I’m in Austin is the Rosemary, it’s basically a small bush!

rosemaryI was happy to chat with one gardener, Ila (also the garden’s President), who was nice enough to share some of her sungold tomatoes with me.  A variety of cherry that I grow here in Chicago, super sweet!  sunshine4If you walk to the back of the garden, you’ll run into the chicken coop, a nice shady spot for the ladies.

sunshine3Next time you are in Austin, take a look at Sunshine.  You’ll be amazed at the bountiful plots and happy gardeners.

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