Sun Tea Recipes

Today’s temperature is to break 100 degrees, I can think of nothing better than using the sun’s heat and some herbs from the garden and make sun tea.   Growing up in Texas, we did this often; so to try it here in Chicago is a nice throwback to my youth.  I’m using Chocolate mint, but any number of other herbs can be used.  Feel free to get creative and mix up any of the following:

  • chamomile and lemon balm
  • lavender and mint
  • lemon balm and mint
  • hibiscus flower and mint

You may want to remove the leaves from the stems.  Stems tend to make the tea a little bitter.  If you’re into black teas or just have a tea you love, add 4 bags to the glass jar and wait for it to turn tea color.  Pour over ice and enjoy!

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