We’ve got a taste now of the cooler weather, nights in the 50s and 60s, days in the 70s.  Now it’s time to give your September garden a little tidy up.


  • Deadhead flowers to keep them blooming til frost.  Cut spent flowers of zinnias, marigolds, and pincushion.
  • If petunias are getting leggy, trim them back to half their size.
  • If some annuals are just plain dead, replace them with fall ornamental cabbages, purple fountain grass, or other plants in oranges, reds and purples.


  • Some perennials enjoy a haircut, like hydrangea, cat mint, yarrow, and echinacea.  Trimming them up provides a spurt of growth.


  • Take some time after trimming up your plants to stop weeds that have been maturing under your garden’s growth.

Fall Plantings:

  • It’s a good time to start thinking about Spring bulbs, planting garlic, or adding some Evergreens to your yard.  Best to do some of these tasks within a few weeks time.


Tiding up really helps the garden pop again and gets you a little bit in control over your little bit of nature.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! My petunias were getting very leggy and I think a trim was just what they needed 🙂

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