I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons of tomatoes.  I love searching out the little red and yellow fruits, but when the fridge is full and more are ripening on the vine, it’s time to save.  Blanching tomatoes and making sauce to freeze are great ways to keep some summer for the winter months.  You know, when you go to the store and all the “fresh” veggies look like sick orphans…that winter…


quick and easy, blanching

  1. boil a large pot of water
  2. drop tomatoes in for 2 min until skins burst
  3. place tomatoes in an ice bath for a minute
  4. remove from ice bath, remove skins and cores
  5. place in freezer safe container and freeze

throw it all in there! pasta sauce

This recipe is very vague, depending on what you’ve harvested or what you have in the fridge.  Here are the basic ingredients:

  • olive oil
  • garlic (2-3cloves)
  • onion (1 large)
  • tomatoes (4 large ones)
  • red wine (to taste)
  • oregano (three fresh stems)
  • salt and pepper

extra ingredients to mix and match:

  • carrots (1 large or 2 small)
  • hot pepper
  • basil (fresh and as much as you like)
  • bay leaf
  • broccoli
  • mushrooms
  • olives
  1. start by sauteing garlic and onion (hot pepper if you so desire)
  2. add all other ingredients you like (chopped of course)  and simmer for an hour or until the sauce is the consistency you like with pasta
  3. remove bay leaf if you added it
  4. let cool, place in freezer safe container, and freeze

(remember to label and date your containers)

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