Today in Chicago, it’s 9 degrees outside.  And nothing helps you get through these cold months like thinking about your 2011 garden!  Seed catalogs are easy to order online, usually free, and a great way to help visualize.  My favorites this year are Select Seeds (they specialize in heirlooms),  Seeds of Change (organic seeds with great great guidelines and instructions provided in the catalog), and Seed Savers Exchange (a non-profit whose mission is to pass on rare seeds and keep the diversity in gardening alive).  Remember not to get too excited.  One seed makes one plant.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed and want one of everything.  Gather a few friends and decide together what seeds to purchase.  Share the wealth!

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  1. Spring is right around the corner! I’m an in desperate need of a garden weasel. My soil is so root packed. Any recommendations?

  2. Martha,

    Well there are several things you can try. First rake away as much soil as you can and then try to cut through for some room. This might take a pick axe if it’s dense. The only problem is that this might not leave enough room for your new plants to extend their roots. It may be best to make a raised bed with new soil and compost. If you are wanting to plant vegetables, this is a great no dig garden formula.

  3. “no dig” is a link in the above comment.

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